Dumb dumb dumb

Lauren, 16. I should probably shut up.

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MICHAEL CINCO Bridal Collection 2014-2015

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crying is the biggest bullshit ever its like “oh you’re feeling sad and vulnerable, lets make liquid come flying out of your face and make it really loud too so everyone around you will sense your weakness” who the fuck authorized this. its terrible planning, id like to file a complaint

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Y’all joke about needing vodka to survive but it is literally a drink made of satans cum. it is battery acid in a fucking bottle it is thousands of little knives that stab your throat and nose perfumed with a punch in the fucking mouth

why does this post just say “weak”??? inside joke or…?

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When women scream you wonder what’s wrong with them. When men yell you get afraid about what they’re going to do. A girl in my creative writing class said this in response to a story we read about witnessing intimate partner violence and it really fucked with my head because I’ve never, ever, ever, thought of it that way.  (via astronomized)

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who needs april fools my entire life is a joke

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Other people are not medicine. It took me 9 years to figure that out  (via shante-atthedisco)

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